Based in Tokyo, focusing on interior design of various commercial spaces such as apparel shops, restaurants and cafes, hair salons, offices, etc.Renovation of houses, new construction, and a wide range of contents, and in recent years, he has also been involved in overseas projects.As a side , product design and materials , also working on the development of content , it is expanding its activities area .Commitment to work by the presence and human hand with the thing ,We would like to build a space that has a potential storage .

中野 靖彦 / Yasuhiko Nakano

CEO, Interior Designer


2000年 東海大学体育学部スポーツ科学科 卒業

2001年 EXIT METAL WORK SUPPLYにてデザイン及び制作を学ぶ

2002年 早稲田大学芸術学校建築科 卒業

2002年 勝田隆夫氏の独立に伴い、LINE- INCに参画

2009年 独立し空間デザインを主とする株式会社ジェネラルクリエーションを設立

2011年 施工メンバーとの協業によるRAWUMBERS発足

Born in Kanagawa.

2000 Graduated from Tokai University Faculty of Physical Education, Department of Sports Science

2001 Learn the design and production at "EXIT METAL WORK SUPPLY"

2002 Graduated from Waseda University School of Arts, Department of Architecture

2002 Along with the Katsuta Takao independent , and participate in "LINE- INC"

2009 Independently , established the general creation Co., Ltd., which the space design and main

2011 RAWUMBERS inauguration carried out until design and construction

山下 恵子 / Keiko Yamashita

Interior Designer


2005年 バンタンデザイン研究所インテリア学部 卒業

2005年 LINE- INCに参画

2011年 転職しジュエリーブランドの企画・PR業務に携わる


Born in Kyoto.

2005 Graduated from Vantan Design Institute, Faculty of Interior

2005 Joined "LINE- INC."

2011 Change jobs and engage in jewelry brand planning and PR work.